Sunset to Sunshine: The Musical Journey Unveiled by CP Productions

CP Productions proudly presents “Sunset to Sunshine,” a soulful ode to the universal language of R&B and Jazz, crafted by renowned music producer Glen Cardinal in collaboration with Eric Frasier and the mesmerizing vocal talent of Bernice Watkins.

Diving into the heart of musical expression, “Sunset to Sunshine” emerges as a timeless masterpiece from the depths of Glen Cardinal’s creative vault. Co-written by Eric Frasier and Glen Cardinal, the song embodies a profound narrative, intertwining the powerful vocal projection of Bernice Watkins with Cardinal’s signature production finesse.

Bernice Watkins, whose musical roots trace back to the vibrant streets of Brooklyn over two decades ago, brings a soul-stirring authenticity to “Sunset to Sunshine.” Her journey from church sanctuaries at age 12 to gracing stages and lending her voice to renowned productions like the New York Community Choir, culminates in this captivating musical collaboration.

Glen Cardinal, the visionary behind CP Productions, discovered the essence of “Sunset to Sunshine” within an old 24-track tape tucked away in his studio, which Bernice and himself had previously worked on. A testament to his dedication to musical artistry, Cardinal’s recent release of a jazz song dedicated to his late father has paved the way for this enchanting musical endeavor.

“Sunset to Sunshine” invites listeners on a journey of dynamic resonance and soulful expression, showcasing the versatility and artistry of Glen Cardinal and Bernice Watkins. Immerse yourself in this soul-stirring experience and let the music play on!

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