($DERP) receives multi-million dollar strategic investment from ABO Digital

HONG KONG — DerpDEX ($DERP), a leading meme decentralized exchange on zkSync, Base, and opBNB, today announced that it reached an agreement on a strategic investment and liquidity cooperation with Alpha Blue Ocean’s investment fund ABO Digital. This dynamic family office aims to revolutionize the financial sector.

This landmark agreement, valued at $5m (five million dollars), provides an exciting opportunity for both DerpDEX and ABO Digital to explore potential synergies in the meme-token sector in this bull run. Under the strategic investment framework, ABO Digital will offer investment, liquidity support, and meme-token incubation opportunities to enhance DerpDEX’s presence across zkSync, Base, opBNB, and all other subsequent Layer 2 blockchains to facilitate the growth and expansion of DerpDEX, and its native token $DERP, which is currently traded on Gate.ioMEXC, and BitMart.

The agreement takes place amidst the burgeoning growth of the meme-token market, which has seen the total meme coin market cap recently exceed $50 billion and significantly outperforming the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

“The memecoin market reminds me of the earlier days of crypto. Most seasoned investors that don’t get it, tend to revert to “safe” proven coins such as BTC. We anticipate new generational retail investors to go with something they understand, fun and silly memes such as WIF, BONK, PEPE and DERP, the OG memes of the internet. Pairing with utilities and ecosystems on L2 blockchain networks, enables the meme community to speculate, launch, trade and farm meme coins. We are extremely bullish and together with ABO Digital, we say, LFG Derp to the moon!” – @0ximderp, Chief Derp Officer,


DerpDEX is a leading concentrated liquidity decentralized exchange (DEX) nestled within the realms of zkSync, Base & opBNB with a holistic all-in-one DeFi ecosystem offering traders, liquidity providers, and new meme projects an unprecedented suite of features and opportunities.

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About ABO Digital

ABO Digital is an investment firm providing alternative financing solutions to cryptocurrency projects around the world. As part of the Alpha Blue Ocean group, which has executed more than $2B in financing commitments for publicly listed companies across the globe since its inception in 2017, ABO Digital brings institutional-grade expertise and flexible financing solutions for blockchain developers worldwide.

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