Trading With Jarit’s Live Signal Software for excellence in Manual Trading

1.Buy/Sell arrows as confirmation – New & Powerful 100% Non Repaint Arrows

– 1st pair of arrows will give signals based on TREND REVERSAL

– 2nd pair of arrows will give signals based on strong breakouts which means TREND CONTINUITION

3. Trendline – Price action based tool for identifying retests & breakouts automatically

4. Blue & Red zones which work as support & resistance zones. Whenever you add our software to any pair it will instantly analyse & will show main zones.

5. Last confirmation- Present at the bottom of setup our buy sell indicator which works as an confirmation for a sureshot trade – When it creates blue bar it works as a confirmation for call trade & when it creates orange bar then its confirmation for a put trade (refer to the image)

Hope it helped in understanding our software better – If you are interested in purchasing our software or have any queries regarding it Feel free to contact us anytime

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