Comedian-Turned-Motivational-Speaker Jody Urquhart Captivates Events with Diversity and Inclusion Keynote.

Leaders looking to shake up their next event and ignite real change within their organizations need no one other than Jody Urquhart, the powerhouse motivational speaker behind

Gone are the days of droning, generic motivational leadership speeches and forgettable presentations. Urquhart, a former stand-up comedian turned inspirational speaker, brings a dynamic and engaging approach to the stage, leaving audiences not just entertained, but equipped with actionable takeaways.

Her signature ECR formula – Engage, Cutting-Edge Content, and Results – ensures that every keynote is tailored to inspire and empower. Today, Urquhart is setting her sights on a topic critical for modern businesses: Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

“Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords,” says Urquhart. “They’re the building blocks of a thriving, innovative, and frankly, just fun work environment. But how do you translate that into real action? How do you create a space where everyone feels valued and empowered?”

That’s where Urquhart excels. Ditching the monotony of traditional presentations and leadership speech, she takes inspiration from real-world scenarios, practical strategies, and infuses her talks with humor, a proven tool for breaking down barriers and fostering connection.

Here’s what leaders and middle managers can expect from a Jody Urquhart D&I keynote:

Engaging and Interactive Delivery – Forget PowerPoint snooze-fests. Urquhart’s dynamic presence and roaming microphone format ensure a captivating experience.

Actionable Strategies – Participants will walk away with concrete steps to build inclusive teams and dismantle unconscious bias.

Cutting-Edge Content – Urquhart stays ahead of the curve, providing insights and strategies based on the latest research and best practices.

Measurable Results – keynotes are designed to spark real change, and Urquhart is committed to helping organizations achieve measurable D&I goals.

The Power of a Diverse and Inclusive Team.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is no longer optional in our interconnected world. It’s a strategic imperative. Teams that embrace diversity outperform their less inclusive counterparts in innovation, problem-solving, and overall performance.

Jody Urquhart – The Motivational Speaker Who Gets Results

Don’t settle for a forgettable event. Invest in a speaker who will inspire your leaders and middle managers to become champions of D&I. Visit today to learn more about her services, or book Jody Urquhart for your next event.  

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