CeylonCash Announces Lavish Yacht Party for Crypto Power Players Aboard Sri Lanka’s First Luxury Yacht


Delaware, United States – April 05, 2024 – CeylonCash, a leading Sri Lankan crypto payment facilitator and the force behind the Bitcoin Deepa initiative, has announced plans to host Sri Lanka’s first-ever and largest crypto-focused yacht party. This exclusive “Halving Yacht Party” will take place on April 19th, 2024, aboard the Largest Luxury Boutique Catamaran Hotel: Ocean Diamond, Sri Lanka’s most luxurious yacht.

The timing of this inaugural party is significant. It coincides with the Bitcoin ‘halving’, a programmed event that cuts the rate of new Bitcoin creation in half. These halvings are rare and historically have ignited major growth cycles—the kind that transforms early adopters into industry titans. Sri Lanka, with its tech-savvy youth and appetite for innovation, is poised to benefit from this potential surge.

This exclusive event is designed to unite the top figures in Sri Lanka’s cryptocurrency community. CeylonCash has established itself as a hub for the country’s crypto enthusiasts, and the Halving Yacht Party builds upon this commitment by bringing together key players for an unprecedented celebration of the industry.

CeylonCash understands that staying ahead in the crypto world means embracing constant innovation. Meanwhile, their Bitcoin Deepa initiative spearheads education, empowering local businesses to embrace cryptocurrency through workshops and real-world support. Through these events, educational initiatives, and strategic

partnerships, they aim to connect entrepreneurs, developers, and investors, creating the foundation for a sustainable and innovative crypto industry within the country. 

“We’re thrilled to host Sri Lanka’s first Halving Yacht Party,” said Nisal Chandrasekara, CeylonCash Founder and Community Lead. “This event is about more than just a good time; it’s about proving the strength of Sri Lanka’s crypto scene and creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. We’re converging innovators from diverse backgrounds to shape the future of decentralized finance, solidifying Sri Lanka’s position on the global crypto map.” 

The Halving Yacht Party will feature networking opportunities, insightful discussions, and a celebration of crypto’s growing presence in Sri Lanka. The meticulously curated guest list will comprise high-net-worth individuals, influencers, and thought leaders in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. Amidst breathtaking Indian Ocean views, guests will enjoy gourmet cuisine, premium beverages, and world-class entertainment while celebrating the landmark occasion of Bitcoin’s halving.

Access to the Halving Yacht Party is highly exclusive, with tickets initially offered to a whitelisted group and additional attendees selected from CeylonCash’s partner communities. CeylonCash’s inaugural 2022 meetup, a gathering of 50 handpicked crypto enthusiasts in Colombo, set the stage for this exclusive event. Their commitment to exclusivity is underscored by a rigorous vetting process, ensuring only the most trusted and influential figures in the Sri Lankan crypto space secure invitations.

Drawing inspiration from the extravagant gatherings synonymous with top global crypto hubs like Miami, Singapore, and Dubai, the Halving Yacht Party promises an unforgettable experience. 

Media Contact:

Name : Nisal Chandrasekara

Title : Founder of CeylonCash

Website : www.ceyloncash.com

Email : hello@ceylabs.io

Published by : Nextenco LLC

Delaware, United States

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