XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. Announces Launch of XOO Wallet and Complimentary Airdrop Event

XOOCITY releases XOO Wallet for digital asset management and offers free airdrop to boost metaverse participation.

Hong Kong — XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd., a leader in the WEB3 commercial metaverse sector, has officially announced the release of the XOO Wallet, marking a significant development in virtual financial management. Alongside this launch, the company will conduct a free airdrop event to enhance user engagement and digital asset distribution within its metaverse Hong Kong platform.

XOOCITY has established itself by creating a virtual environment that mirrors Hong Kong’s vibrant landscape, facilitating cultural, artistic, and business exchanges on a global scale. The XOO Wallet is designed to integrate effortlessly with XOOCITY’s metaverse, offering users a secure and efficient platform for managing digital assets, including the XOO Token, which is central to the platform’s transactional framework.

The introduction of the XOO Wallet aims to improve the financial ecosystem within the metaverse by providing a secure platform for asset management and transactions. It caters to the growing demand for a seamless connection between virtual financial services and XOOCITY’s array of metaverse services and NFT collections.

To celebrate the wallet’s introduction, XOOCITY is initiating an airdrop event to distribute XOO Tokens to early adopters. This event precedes the token’s official exchange listing and incentivizes participation in XOOCITY’s economy, laying the groundwork for an active and engaged community.

The XOO Wallet and the airdrop event are part of XOOCITY’s broader strategy to enable economic activity within the Hong Kong metaverse. By offering the necessary tools for economic engagement and creativity, XOOCITY aims to enhance the usability and appeal of virtual worlds. The wallet, in particular, is expected to play a critical role in the metaverse economy, empowering users to navigate, invest, and build in XOOCITY’s expansive virtual environment.

Alongside its financial and technological advancements, XOOCITY strongly emphasizes community building and educational opportunities within its virtual city. The platform is designed to foster a sense of belonging among its users, offering spaces for social interaction, learning, and cultural exchange. Through virtual schools, training centers, and interactive social platforms, XOOCITY aims to enrich the metaverse experience with valuable knowledge-sharing and community engagement activities, thereby supporting personal growth and collective development.

The Complimentary Airdrop rewards the platform’s early users and is a step towards fulfilling XOOCITY’s vision of creating a lively and economically robust virtual city. Interested participants can join the airdrop through the promotional link: https://www.xoocity.com/invite/X43NI8.

About Company:

XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. specializes in developing a WEB3 commercial metaverse, creating immersive cultural, artistic, and business exchanges. The company uses blockchain technology to build a virtual environment that mirrors Hong Kong, promoting global connectivity and economic opportunities.

XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. is a Hong Kong science and technology park incubate company and supported by the Google Cloud Startup Fund.

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Company name: XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd.

Contact person: Support

Email: Media@xoocity.com

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