HR & Employment Law Specialist Avensure Rolls Out Cloud-Based HR & Health & Safety Tracking System

Called PeopleCloud, the new platform will make it easy for business owners to remotely manage their teams.

Manchester, United Kingdom, 19th Apr 2023 – Manchester-based Avensure, which offers outsourced HR, employment law, and health and safety services, has unveiled a new platform, Avensure PeopleCloud, which is set to benefit even businesses in remote settings. The HR and Health and Safety tracking system is cloud-based, and it enables business owners to manage their teams from wherever they are in the world.

The Need For A Less Complex Managing Software

Avensure HR and H&S Outsourcing Services recognised that owners of small businesses and SMEs would find themselves spending a lot of time completing tasks like holiday approvals and performance assessments. This called for a simpler platform that would make their job a bit easier, eradicate time-consuming paperwork and other HR tasks, and allow them to focus more on growth and innovation after the huge mayhem caused by the pandemic.

Workforce Management Made Simple

Avensure PeopleCloud is a next-generation people management solution that automates and simplifies HR & Health and Safety tasks. Unlike most software designed for HR managers that need a great deal of knowledge and resources to use, PeopleCloud is a less-complex team managing tool specially designed for owners of smaller and medium-sized businesses.

“We concentrate on UK SMEs because we believe that smaller and medium-sized businesses have been underserved in the industry.  Avensure PeopleCloud has rewritten the rule book with the goal of making it simple and user-friendly for business owners and directors. We’ve also combined this with dedicated user experience consultants who help clients navigate the system and achieve business success,” Avensure HR and H&S Outsourcing Services said.

Key Features

Avensure PeopleCloud boasts a host of features that make it easy for business owners to create employee performance reports, among others.

The key features are:

  • The Dashboard – Your personal home page with a selection of handy features.
  • The Employee Filing Cabinet – All your people’s information, super organised in one place.
  • Document Manager (With E-Sign) – Stay organised and compliant at all times with unlimited document storage and a fast approval and e-sign process.
  • Absence Manager – Manage track and monitor all types of absence requests in one place.
  • HR and H&S Task Manager – Never miss an important task ever again and receive automatic notifications when a task is due.
  • Reports & Analysis – Receive meaningful insights that allow you to make confident data-driven decisions.
  • Incident Log – A valuable and easy-to-use log of all H&S incidents.
  • Knowledge Hub – Stay up to date with current legislation through interesting and educational content.
  • Expenses – A quick and simple way to upload receipts and send important payroll data with the click of a button.

More Features To Look Forward To

More features will be added, tailored to customer needs, to ensure that PeopleCloud is entirely focused on the UK market and Avensure’s target market of UK SMEs. In addition, Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services increased its development team by 20% and began Phase 2 of the project. This will include, among other things, clocking in and clocking out, rota systems, and a full recruitment tracking platform.

Positive Reception Of PeopleCloud

Avensure HR and H&S Outsourcing Services shared that since PeopleCloud’s takeoff, they have received very positive feedback from clients of all sizes who have used the platform. “Our three-step onboarding process has been a game changer in the industry, allowing customers to easily onboard their businesses. In addition, our proactive support helpdesk and customer success team go above and beyond to assist clients in utilising all aspects of the service,” Avensure shared.

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