Iron Bodyfit Expands Into The United States

The Successful European Franchise has added nine franchises into Florida and is ready to expand throughout America.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2023 / — Robert J. Smith, film and television producer of health and fitness documentaries UNDERSIZE ME and EXERCISE ME is filming a three-month trial workout program at Iron Bodyfit.

Smith has already been featured on The CW Network while losing 78 pounds in 6 months after recovering from severe spinal injuries covered in the film, UNDERSIZE ME. Now, he is testing new methods of physical fitness in EXERCISE ME.

“Iron Bodyfit is one of the newest and most dynamic workout programs available!” says Smith. A 25-minute electrostimulation workout provides the equivalent benefits of a traditional 4-hour gym workout.

A 2022 Mayo Clinic study concluded that “Physical Training Augmented With Whole Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation Is Superior To Conventional Training Alone In Healthy Subjects.” And, “Whole body electronic muscle stimulation (WBEMS) training is a novel FDA-approved technology which offers a time-efficient, joint friendly and customizable method for physical training.”

Iron Bodyfit has more than 150 franchises throughout Europe and around the world that serve more than 35,000 members ranging from ages 18-88. People from all walks of life and in varying physical conditions benefit from EMS training.

Smith who trains with Certified Trainer, Reggie Peoples at the Iron Bodyfit Waterford Lakes location run by Anthony Russo, is able to complete EMS workouts each week despite recovering from a fractured spine, fourteen surgeries and numerous injuries.

As Smith sees it, “The fact that EMS workouts are low impact means that nearly everyone should be able to complete them no matter their physical condition.” In fact, due to stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, bilateral Achilles tendon tears and a sesamoid bone injury, Smith is forced to complete his workouts wearing not one but two fracture walking boots.

Iron Bodyfit is also ideal for people without injuries including and specifically for those who never workout for different reasons, whether they are short on time or just plain lazy. What could be more ideal for busy professionals than 25-minute weekly workouts that target all major muscle groups?

Smith is thrilled to see this proven European fitness system come to America. “I can’t wait to see Iron Bodyfit in all fifty states so that any man or woman can quickly get into shape and feel great! I want to see other people be able to rehabilitate severe injuries like I have so that they may gain optimal fitness. I’m 58-years-old, and proof that men and women of all ages can benefit from back and joint pain relief, increased endurance and stronger, firmer muscles with improved function.”



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